Assisting your Baby to be Born 

Forceps or Ventouse


An assisted birth is when forceps or a ventouse suction cup are used to help deliver the baby.

Forceps and ventouse are safe and only used when necessary for you and your baby. Assisted delivery is less common in women who have had a spontaneous vaginal birth before.

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Caesarean Section


Caesarean section is an operation during which an obstetrician makes a cut through your abdomen and womb (uterus), to allow your baby to be born.

Since most caesareans are carried out with a local anaesthetic or epidural, you’ll be awake during the operation, so you’ll be aware of what’s going on around you. It’s less common to have a general anaesthetic for a caesarean. Around 10 per cent of all caesareans happen under general anaesthetic.

A caesarean is the most common type of major surgery that women have. In the UK, about one in four pregnant women has a baby by caesarean every year.

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Care After Caesarean 


The following video is helpful to aid your recovery following Your caesarean birth...