Movements Matter


Most women usually begin to feel their baby move between 16 and 24 weeks of pregnancy, most babies will settle into a pattern by about 24 weeks . A baby's movements can be described as anything from a kick , flutter, swish or roll. The type of movement may change as your pregnancy progresses. There is no set number of movements for your baby - what is important is that you get to know your own baby's pattern of movements.


Babies do not move less towards the end of pregnancy - if there is a change in your baby's movements this may be a sign that they may not be well.


If you have concerns about your baby's movements, you must  NOT WAIT before you seek advice . Do not worry about phoning , it is important for your doctors and midwives to know if your baby's movements have changed or stopped..

Please call  Maternity Triage : 01382 632075 any time of day or night if you have any concerns.