Pregnancy can be  a stressful time for expecting mothers. There are a number of  changes with your body, a never-ending whirlwind of thoughts, and the pressure to get prepared while still keeping up with your daily tasks and/or work. However, relaxing is important for a healthy pregnancy and you need to take some time to prioritise it.

While forcing yourself to relax sounds like the opposite of actually relaxing, once you start to work some techniques into your schedule you’ll notice a huge different in your mental clarity, energy, and stress.

There are a number of benefits that accompany deep relaxation techniques including less stress, reduced overall muscle tension, stress and anxiety reduction, increased levels of serotonin, increased mental clarity, decreased risk of diseases, better sleep, stronger heart muscles, and a more powerful immune system. All of which are a great addition to a healthy pregnancy.

Here are some breathing exercises and a relaxation script for you to use at home

Listen to the relaxation script while you are in bed, and if you fall asleep don’t worry